On Holy Crap, People Are Racist

So, you might remember (from 36 or so short hours ago) a post about how Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman isn’t the Antichrist. How he isn’t a “thug,” or “ghetto,” or an “embarrassment to the game of football, amen.”

Again, kids, let's remember who the real bad guy is.

Again, kids, let’s remember who the real bad guy is.

Despite my better judgement on the matter vis à vis striking a downed quadruped, I decided to post some of the more…well, colorful responses and semi-discuss them. Because, well, how can you have a discussion with text on a page? You can’t, because that would be crazy, man, and we are most definitely not crazy. So, this is gonna be kind of like a mailbag in the sort of vein Rick Reilly of ESPN.com gets, where half of the people love him and completely support his every word, and half want to mail him anthrax-laced pot brownies.

I mean, I dig the guy, but the nose alone is worth at least a strongly-worded letter.

I mean, I dig the guy, but the nose alone is worth at least a strongly-worded letter.

Let’s begin, shall we? If you recall, I called Sherman a “trash-talking, arrogant and passionate braggadocio.” It’s true, I checked. None of those things are inherently positive or negative, it’s how people add their own spices to the interpretation where one falls on a side of the issue. Man who’s proud of his work? American. Man who’s proud of his work and says so on TV? Asshole. See the thin line we’re walking here? Boy howdy, did the Facebook comments pour in.

Scott said:

This article is a joke
Have we not had enough of loud mouth shirt popping antics? Its ghetto

Well, Scott, you’re entitled to your opinion. The article did contain some jokes, yes. That’s kind of the point. I’d like to know, however, when did Sherman “pop” his shirt, exactly? If I remember correctly, he was fully clothed about his torso the entire time.

Oh, and “ghetto?” Seriously? He’s Jewish now? Of course not, you and I both know that. I know you’re simply referring to a black man as a lower class of person because he’s black and not acting how you believe a man in his “position” should. Or, you’re simply insinuating he’s classless and unintelligent, again simply because he’s black.

Understandable confusion.

Understandable confusion.

Let’s get more into that little nugget, shall we?

Sherman graduated from Stanford University with a degree in communications. Yes, that’s certainly rare for an NFL player! He’s even working on a master’s degree!

Ashley, though, said:

Just because he went to Stanford doesn’t mean anything…big deal he had a 4.2 GPA

Oh, you’re absolutely correct. Because graduation from essentially the West Coast’s version of Harvard or Yale is no big deal. Regardless of what his actual GPA was, or that he was an athlete, it’s still a tremendous personal accomplishment that he graduated at all, let alone from a university as universally acclaimed as Stanford. By no means is Sherman an unintelligent, jock-type of person, by all accounts.

Fashion intelligence: Perhaps measurably lower?

Fashion intelligence: Perhaps measurably lower?

Basically, I try to not personally judge celebrities of any kind (unless it’s obvious and hilarious) without some sort of proof or research about who they are as people. I don’t watch Tom Cruise movies anymore, and make fun of him constantly, because I have a lot of evidence that he is, in fact, a total and complete lunatic.

Nothing I could say here would be any funnier than he already is.

Nothing I could say here would be any funnier than he already is.

The racism directed toward Sherman is, frankly, not surprising. It’s not even particularly that unsettling. It’s fine for “his kind” to put their bodies in harm’s way for our amusement, but the moment he starts celebrating his accomplishments in a “classless” manner, he’s a walking pariah for blacks everywhere. Janoris Jenkins, for example, has dreadlocks and hits people while playing defensive back, and even caused Carolina’s Steve Smith to spout some choice words earlier this season. Is he a “thug”? Is he “ghetto” and bad for football? No, of course not. He’s a Ram!

As I put Sherman and his exploits to rest, at least until Super Bowl week when Peyton Manning completely ignores him to throw another 400 yards, I simply want people to remember this: All people deserve the smallest modicum of basic human decency, because most people are, in fact, selfish and arrogant assholes. If we all just tried to move past that from time to time, the world might be a little better place to be.

Also, ducks. Because ducks are funny:




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