Code of Gentlemanly Behavior: Appearance

Jack Donaghy

Jack Donaghy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I bid you the most gracious of tidings, loyal readers of Three Yards. I want to welcome you to the next installation of my Gentleman’s Code. Today I will talk about not how to act like a gentleman. Nay,  I will focus on how to look like a gentleman. Being a gentleman is indeed important, however it is important to show people that you are a gentleman. I will break it down into a trio of topics. These are very basic ideas that will for a foundation for you to build upon.

My personal gentlemen icon:subcategory: Style

The first and most basic of the trio is clothing. It is true that clothing makes the man, and it is even more true that it makes the gentleman. The idea of gentlemanly dress that appears in most people’s minds is the top hat, black suit with tails, and fancy single piece spectacle. While it is fantastic if you want to do this everyday, it will end up being quite warm and is a might bit cost preventive. That being said, if you have a solid job and can endure a little sweat, by all means go ahead. Now for the people for which that is not an option let me give you some solid tips.

If you are built like Ryan Gosling, then you do not need my help. Jerk.

First tip: you should try to dress to your frame. This mostly means dressing in clothes that fit. If you are a small person wearing clothes that are too big, you look like you are swimming in your clothes. Conversely, if you are a larger gentleman you do not want to dress in clothes too small as it will make you look much like an over-stuffed sausage. You should also dress to your strengths. If you are tall and lean you want to have long lines that accentuate you. You want to work with your body, you do not want to fight it.

Picture of Harry Dresden of the Dresden Files

Tall and lean screams Dresden. He makes lanky look badass. It is most likely the duster.

If you feel the need to dress in more dressy clothes you want to make sure you throw in some causal days as well. That does not mean you dress like a slob, but toss on a nice t-shirt and some shorts. You want to make sure that you have days to decompress or else you will wind yourself into a fancy knot, and no one wants that.

A Celtic braided knot

Or maybe you do, that looks awesome!

Next tip is proper follicle procedures. Ladies, I am sorry most of the tips in this will not really apply to you seeing as how I am not sure how you folks style your hair. It basically all turns out pretty, so I give you my deepest apologies. Hair is important. To quote Jack Donaghy, “it is your head suit.” It is a flag that flies on the tower of gentlemanliness that is your person. A gentleman’s hair is kept neat and tidy. That does not mean short, just kept. If you have long hair you want to have a style to it so it does not just look like an untamed mane, which is most uncouth.  I personally recommend a pomade and side part, but that is because it works for me.

Ron Swanson of NBC's Parks and Rec

Ron Swanson is my spirit guide.

Facial hair is something I want to touch on. While I am unable to grow it because of my perpetually youthful baby face, I do have some tips for those who are lucky enough to grow it. First is that you want to keep it trimmed and neat. You may notice that those words are a common theme. Clean and neat. You want it to look like everything you wear or have on your person was put there on purpose. A gentleman does not leave things up to chance. While facial hair or lack thereof are both acceptable, the in-between stages are not. If you are unable to grow a beard overnight then lock yourself away from contact until such a time your beard is thick and grown in. If you cannot do this, sadly facial hair is not for you.

Mutton chops leading to mustache, old picture.

The most proper of follicle choices.

The main message I want to get across is that the core of being a gentleman is to feel comfortable in your own skin. Confidence is the true strength of the gentleman, which brings me to my last point. Confidence. Confidence is the jacket that gentlemen wear against the cold wind of normalcy. You want to wear what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. If you feel most yourself in a pair of workout shorts and a t-shirt, great. As long as you keep to the mantra of clean and neat. That means no tears, holes, or stains. You want to look well put together even when you are just hanging with your fellows on the couch watching a rousing polo match.

Professor Badass

Seriously, if he had more confidence he would be on fire, but like Super Saiyen fire. Pure awesome energy.

If you keep in mind the idea of proper clothing choice, follicle maintenance, and confidence in yourself , you will be able to stand proud as you tell the world that you are indeed a gentleman.

Spike from MLP dressed up all fancy

A top hat and tail is always a good choice though.


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