On YouTube Stardom and You

(Featured photo courtesy of http://annieisabel.deviantart.com/art/Jenna-Marbles-The-Face-273538056)


So we here at Three Yards have become big fans of YouTube over the past few months.

“But Three Yards,” you may be asking yourself, “Isn’t YouTube just funny cat videos, Justin Bieber and dudes getting hit in the dick?”

Thankfully, no.



But there is a lot of that.

There are hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube, from pirated music videos to movie trailers, cooking shows, language tutorials, fashion advice, and even a guy who paints pictures with his dick. No joke.

Our big draw, however, is the video blog/news show type of content, some of which you can find on our Stuff We Like page. These range from Philip DiFranco’s daily news show where he asks “WTF White People?” to Hannah Hart’s addictive “My Drunk Kitchen.” The central idea of the most successful of the YouTube series, though, is humor.


Also, terrifying baby memes.


We have mentioned perhaps trying to get into this particular medium a couple of months ago, as even Cracked has a video section (though it’s professionally done, a la Funny or Die, which is a bit out of our price range. Our video equipment is an integrated laptop webcam, which usually produces content like this), but the problem lies with inspiration, and the basic economic law of supply and demand.


Supply bewbs, and demand skyrockets.


That being said, we’re fresh out of bewbs. While this realization is understandably saddening to both we writers and our audience, we must ask the question:


Do you want to see a Three Yards video segment? Perhaps on a weekly schedule? We can’t promise high production value, Oscar-worthy acting, or even anyone else on camera but Zach, but what we can promise is an honest attempt to add a little LOL to your life. What would you like to see? Funny commentary? What kind of show length…a minute? Five? Would you honestly just like to see Zach being chased by a hysterically adorable cat, then getting hit in the dick? We live to serve.



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