On Brady Sucking, Eastwood Loves America, and Madonna for Gay President 2012

So this happened:

Heh. That's right, I pointed it out. #BradySucks

If you care, the Giants beat the Patriots (again), 21-17. This makes the Giants only the third team to have a three-game winning streak against the unholy duo of Brandy and Belichick, the Colts and Broncos being the other two.

As far as the actual football went, it was largely unremarkable, in my humble opinion. There were a few less-than-stellar calls by the referees (pass interference, much?), but no hugely game-breaking plays. In fact, while everyone is calling the Patriots’ receiver Wes Welker the game’s goat for dropping a 4th quarter pass that would have continued a potentially lead-extending  drive, I have a different idea.

While Welker’s non-catch will be debated over the weeks between today and the NFL Draft, I believe the more important play came early in the 1st quarter, where a Brady penalty for intentional grounding gave the Giants a safety for 2 points.

The reason I say that is this: Brady hardly ever makes bonehead mistakes like that. He’s constantly lauded for his “football IQ” and other “intangibles” (which are largely bullshit), and without it, the Patriots are only down 2 at the end of the game and wouldn’t have had to try to score a touchdown. Brady would have thrown a few underneath passes to Welker, they would have kicked a field goal to win and it would have looked exactly like their three Super Bowl Victories. Yawn.

In any case, there were other interesting things about the game, from M.I.A.’s flicking off a record 111.3 million viewers (most-watched Super Bowl ever)…

…to Clint Eastwood’s rousing “America’s Halftime” commercial, basically saying “America Kicks Ass”…

…which some, including the Huffington Post, have called “hypocritical.” On the complete opposite side of the coin was the halftime performance by Madonna, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj and the aforementioned M.I.A., which was almost worth watching, if for nothing more than its complete disregard for heterosexuality.

As far as the ads went, I gave them an overall better grade than last year’s (though, in the interest of full disclosure, I was drinking at a bar last year and don’t clearly remember them), but this was my favorite:

Who doesn’t like seeing Stamos get headbutted? Pretentious ass.

All in all, I would call it a win for NBC. The Voice‘s premiere following the game kept us watching, it’ll flow well into tonight’s Smash premiere, and America got to see the mighty Patriots  machine fall flat on its face once more. What’s not to love?

And isn't that really what we should all care about? The children.


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