Introducing: Eve Guevara!

We here at Three Yards like to think we’re an autonomous sort; you know, the man is an island and all that. However, we also realize that some of you, our faithful readers, may grow tired of the same awesome opinions and news over and over.

Therefore, we take great pleasure in introducing Three Yards’ newest staff writer, Eve Guevara!

Yes, she's a girl. No, she's married. NO, she won't "think about it."

Eve Guevara- Gamer, hippie, history geek, Star Wars dork, political junkie and part-time tennis fanatic. Graduated from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) with a B.A. in Anthropology. Recently married and transplanted from the deep South to the San Francisco Bay area.

Eve will be covering gaming, tennis, and politics (among other things, we don’t like to put totalitarian restrictions on things) for Three Yards. Say hey to her!


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