Ok, so if you were able to grasp at the nuance of my witty title the big news this week is Facebook. The old blue banner of procrastination has done a little face lift * snicker.* They added a new way to separate the newest status updates, from those that you care about.  The main body of Facebook has remained quite the same with just a few small updates and touches here and there. Now, what does this mean for you and your virtual corn?

Well, nothing to be completely honest. It is the same Facebook you know and love. You still can see the meaningless posts about people that you kind of knew in high school and the main body for the games on it are mostly still intact. The only real change can be found in the update window on the top right hand side of the page. It tells you when your friends comment on anyone elses stuff. I know Facebook has to try and be fresh but this is just sad. It seems like they are changing basically to get buzz for themselves. They do a few tiny changes add something that is entirely unneeded just to get people riled up so that the few people who have not joined the site might finally do so. Photographer Mark Meyer created a simple, color-coded chart that gives a nice break down of the new layout far better than I could ever do. If you fear links here is the picture.

All in one!!

While I use Facebook, and am preturbed by the annoying little news feed in the a news feed, I am not full on raging about it.

Yo Dog!

The reason behind the lack of nerd rage is because I have come to accept that Facebook has become something for the every man. It has become open to all and while that is fantastic for people to connect and trade virtual livestock it has become something of a lowest common denominator. It tries to be everything to everyone and that is almost never a good thing.  The Twitter style news feed is to draw back those tweetaholics. The stronger emphasis on grouping your friends is so Google+ it is not even funny.

Exception for bad Everything to Everyone. BNL for life y'all!

Basically all this kerfuffle is about Facebook trying to adapt to the changing tastes of the social network market. It is a bold move because it could just as easily drive old users away as readily as it drawns new ones in. I worry that this move will make Facebook seem more like the Frankenstein’s monster of the social networks but that is just me. What will most likely happen is that for the next week people will bitch and moan about it on their Facebook accounts then forget about it entirely.

Exactly why old man Winters is not allowed on Facebook anymore.

In the end, Facebook is like a bad penny. You may try to get rid of it but it will keep coming back. It is free, fun, and much better than working. To all you Facebook people who have a problem with the changes, get over it!

I will say that I wish it had more Ponies!

P.s. Add me to your circles on Google+


One response to “OH NO FACEBOOK CHANGED!!! RAGE!!!!!!

  1. Brilliant! While our opinions on the usefulness of Facebook may be wildly different, the way we respond to doomsayers is exactly the same.

    If it pisses you off that much, leave. Or, do what the other 750 million of us has done over the past seven years and just adapt. In a month you’re not going to remember what the old layout looked like anyway.

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