Introducing Three Yards, The Best Thing To Happen To The Internet Since Porn. Seriously.

Welcome to Three Yards!

You’re about to experience a veritable cornucopia  of content, ranging from NFL critiques, to iPhone 5 rumors. We will cover the NFL, MLB, college football, and men’s college basketball. We’ll also highlight technology and social media news and information, provide tips and tricks on making the most of your Internet presence, and share the hottest rumblings and grumblings. We’ll even venture into pop culture, ranging from TV and movies to comics, web videos and celebrities.

A little about the founders: 

Zach Martin – I attended Mercer University in Macon, GA for journalism and broadcasting for three years, then joined the Navy in 2007 as a Mass Communication Specialist. Self-professed social media fetishist, sports junkie and culture fiend. I live for the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, Duke Blue Devils and University of Georgia Bulldogs. Also thinks he’s pretty damned funny. Described by my brother as “Both too clever for your own good and more clever than you think you are at the same time.”

Devin Thorpe – I’m Devin of Pittsburgh, PA. City of Champions. If this angers you or means nothing to you, that just means you’re going to have to read my blogs and you’ll become a bandwagon fan in no time. I spend my time thinking that I should have a heavy influence on the opinions and lives of everyone around me. Thanks to blogging, I can now feed my hubristic god complex. By now, you’re probably thinking “this guy’s an asshole.” Well, you’re right. I aim to offensively entertain and educate. What does this mean for you? It means that you’re going to dress  in a virtual leather bondage suit and submit to my influence while reading my posts. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t welcome to comment on anything that I post. This just means that you’ll be wrong. I suppose a little bit of information on what I do outside of Three Yards will help you, the submitter, to better develop a personal relationship with me. Well, I’m a nice guy with a strong opinion on certain things and a lack of interest in many more things. Introverted by nature, extroverted by alcohol. My main interests include music, movies, games, sex, theoretical physics, cosmology (that’s space…not makeup), and sports. Look for those interests to be the topic of most of my posts. I am new to the blogging community but I’m a fast learner.  Expect an orgasm-inducing word barrage that tantalizes the mind and titillates the soul. With the different personalities and styles that the bloggers of Three Yards will bring to the monitor, I’m anticipating an enjoyable read for just about anyone.

Yeah, those are pretty different approaches for me and Devin, but I think it adequately expresses our differences in writing style. Mostly that I’m better at writing.

I kid, I kid. But really, if you have any suggestions for posts, or feedback, or want to sleep with either of us, leave a comment below or subscribe, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


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